XEBEX FITNESS AST-02 FreeRun Motorized Treadmill Smart Connect 雙動力跑步機

能連接手機/平板等智慧裝置的電動、無動力二合一跑步機。FreeRun Motorized Treadmill結合了無動力跑步機和傳統電動跑步機。特色的履帶設計能減低跑步時的衝擊,令用家更舒適。從底座到控制台,每個部分都經過精心考慮和設計,為初學者和高級使用者提供實用的運動體驗。


FreeRun Motorized Treadmill結合了無動力跑步機和傳統電動跑步機。特色的履帶設計能減低跑步時的衝擊,令用家更舒適。從底座到控制台,每個部分都經過精心考慮和設計,為初學者和高級使用者提供實用的運動體驗。

2 Modes of Training: FreeRun and Motorized
FreeRun Mode: With the press of the FreeRun button, the treadmill is completely user-powered, meaning you're in control of your stride, speed, and pace. Receive all the great benefits that a non-motorized treadmill would offer, such as burning 30% more calories since the treadmill's slats are moved by the user's own movement. The console will display the current speed and incline adjustment (available up to 10 degrees in the FreeRun mode).
Motorized Mode: The default Motorized setting. Set your desired speed from the console's Quick Adjust Keys or make smaller, incremental changes with the easily accessible increase or decrease buttons located on the handles. The Motorized mode offers minimum speeds from 0.5mph up to a maximum of 13.8mph. The incline angle can be adjusted through 16 different levels up to a 15-degree incline in Motorized mode.

Slatted Running Surface
Longer and more comfortable workouts are possible thanks to the low-impact running surface that is achieved by the slatted design. The slats support minor curving and bending due to the gaps between each slat panel, changing the surface area and force that collides with the runner. The individual shock-absorbing slat panels generate less impact and provide a more comfortable running surface. Measuring 22" x 58", the vulcanized rubber running surface provides a soft, low-impact workout while providing a wide range of intensity options through the incline range of up to 15 degrees and 2.0HP AC continuous power (4.0HP AC Peak) motor with a maximum speed of 13.8 mph and minimum speed of 0.5MPH.

Built to Last
The Xebex FreeRun Motorized Treadmill Smart Connect's heavy, 452-pound structure offers durability and sturdiness to withstand high-intensity training as well as long-distance endurance workouts without compromising mobility. Its no-deck, slat design uses multiple rubber slat panels that the user runs on. Slat treadmills are engineered in a way that does not cause friction (no deck) and simplifies access to the motor when performing maintenance because repairs do not require the removal of the entire deck, only individual slats.

Handles attached to the rail provide extra security as well as functionality. Each handle reads the athlete's pulse, which is then displayed on the console. The left handle features controls to increase and decrease the incline angle, while the right handle allows you to increase and decrease the speed. Users can also wear a 5k frequency chest belt to display pulse on the console instead of using the built-in handle pulse readers.

Smart Connect Console
A large display console enables athletes to easily select workouts and track their performance at a glance. Quickly view various performance metrics: time, distance, pulse, calories, speed, incline, and program. The console's backlit screen allows users to easily view their statistics during workouts. The integration of Smart Connect allows users to connect Smart Connect equipment to a variety of 3rd party apps as well as group leaderboard software. For more information on our Smart Connect Ecosystem and to see compatible apps/software

• Net Weight: 452 LBS
• Running Surface: 22" x 58"
• Assembled Dimensions: 73" L x 36" W x 63" H
• Max User Weight: 400LBS / 180KG
• Speed Range: 0.5-13.8MPH / 0.8-22KPH
• Motor: Peak AC 4.0HP, Continuous AC 2.0HP
• Power Source: 220V available upon special request with 75 day lead time
• Warranty: 5-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts



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1. 上斜坡度:

  • 無動力跑:10%
  • 電動:15%

2. 最大速度: 22KM/H