ShakeSphere Tumbler Steel 子彈型水壺(不鏽鋼版)啞黑色 - Protato Health
ShakeSphere Tumbler Steel 子彈型水壺(不鏽鋼版)啞黑色 - Protato Health
ShakeSphere Tumbler Steel 子彈型水壺(不鏽鋼版)啞黑色 - Protato Health

ShakeSphere Tumbler Steel Matte Black

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Two-layer metal inner core to keep warm and keep cold
- In addition to the luxury appearance of the metal surface, it also looks stylish and is moderate in size, which is convenient to carry.

- Rare wide-mouth design thermal tumbler, which reduces splashing during injection and is easy to clean. At the same time, it is convenient to put various ingredients to brew various beverages.

- The inner layer is polished 304 stainless steel, and the surface forms a non-stick protective layer, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria due to residual stains.

- Double-layer insulation design, keep warm for 8 hours and keep cold for 12 hours.

- The non-stick inner layer has a volume scale, which is convenient for dispensing drinks.

- The stainless steel version comes with an exquisite gift box, which is the first choice for gifts and personal use


Capacity: 700ml

Maximum capacity: 986ml (with bottle cap)

The uniquely designed shape of the ShakeSphere capsule-shaped tumblers not only look trendy but also with great functionality. With a variety of colors and materials, suitable for both men and women with different personalities.

Capsule-shaped design imparts great functionality. The inner shape can thoroughly mix and mix protein powder and soft fruit, never get stuck in powder, make full use of every gram of nutrition, no more waste. The wide body shape makes cleaning more convenient, and the shaker does not require additional accessories, which saves the trouble of cleaning, and is suitable for users who pay attention to hygiene. It has a unique opening design, which will leave the beverage aside when opening to prevent leakage.


1. The product cannot be heated and cleaned in a dishwasher at high temperature.

2. Before the first use, please wash it with a neutral detergent. After use, if you need to clean, please use a sponge, do not use a metal brush or a scouring pad to avoid scratches. (Generally, it can be easily cleaned by just shaking with water)

3. Do not put it in a microwave oven, oven or steamer for heating.






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