XEBEX FITNESS SledTrac Lite 5000 雪橇跑步機

ST-5000:Xebex SledTrac Lite雪橇跑步機:Xebex SledTrac Lite結合了無動力跑步機和雪橇車兩樣訓練器材,並具有2個傾斜位置,節省了空間。Xebex專利的動態雪橇扶手可以激活使用者的核心和平衡,精確模擬逼真的雪橇運動。共10個阻力級別調節,最高可達900W!這款多功能的跑步機和雪橇組合能為初學者到經驗豐富的專業人士的提供全身訓練組合。

  • 3 種訓練模式:固定雪橇(推力車)、動態雪橇和自供電踏板
  • 動態雪橇模式使用帶有氣壓推桿和彈力繩的來移動雪橇手柄,緊密模擬戶外雪橇
  • 900瓦電阻
  • 自發電,具有 10 個阻力級別(不須插電)
  • 可傾斜 4 或 9 度
  • 用作雪橇或不帶電跑步機功能使用

3 Training Modes:
Dynamic Sled:
It's designed to create a dynamic workout that engages your core while you tackle challenging sled pushes. Experience the unique design of our patented dynamic sled handlebar, which integrates into a moving guide rail so the handlebar engages the user with movement and resistance for a truly immersive experience.You have the freedom to adjust and conquer the 10 levels of resistance, reaching up to 900 Watts. Additionally, you can challenge yourself with a 2-level slope incline, which goes from 7% up to 16%, for an even more intense workout.

Fixed Sled:
This sled mode offers precise control and stability, allowing you to focus on lower body workouts while improving speed and stability. Engage in forward, backward, or lateral sled pushes, along with high incline leg exercises. You can achieve a maximum resistance of 900 Watts with 10 different levels. Explore unlimited User-generated speed and two incline levels (7% and 16%), perfect for a calorie-burning workout sessions.

Self-Powered Step:
Unleash the power of our treadmill features, designed for endurance and speed. Take on challenging sprint and mini programmed workouts, pushing your limits every step of the way. User driven speed from easy light walk to hard intense sprint, while challenging a demanding 2-level slope (7% and 16%) incline to tailor an intense workout.

Designed for durability, versatility, and eco-friendly
the Xebex SledTrac Lite STL-5000 boasts an innovative self-powered resistance system (no plugs needed), allows the user’s to train at their own pace, skill level or comfort preferences, delivering a customized workout experience. Treat this as a non-motorized treadmill that you can use as a sled. With its 20-inch wide running deck that comes pre-waxed, ensuring a secure and frictionless running encounter. Its sturdy construction is purpose-built to withstand even the most intense movements, providing solid stability for your demanding workout sessions.

Net Weight: 98 kgs (215 LBs)
Assembled Dimensions: 1904 x 830 x 1790 mm (75” x 33” x 70.5”)
Running Area: 510 x 1480 mm (20" x 58.3”)
Drive System: Self-Powered Resistance System
Running Belt Resistance: 10 Levels up to 900 Watts
Display: LCD
Sled Handle: Fixed x2, Dynamic Sled Handle x1, Fixed Sled Handle Knob x1
Incline: 2 Levels (7% and 16%)
Pulse: Wireless Receiver 5KHz
Max User Weight: 160 kgs (352 lbs)
Running Belt: Pre-Wax 1.6 T
Running Deck: MDF 18T
Power: Self-Generating Power, no plug needed


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1. 上斜坡度: 7%

2. 落斜坡度: 15%