XEBEX FITNESS SledTrac 6000 雪橇跑步機

ST-6000:Xebex SledTrac雪橇跑步機:最多功能的跑步機,具有6種不同的訓練模式。它結合了可向後行走和下降的電動跑步機,以及1500W的雪橇訓練阻力。所有功能都巧妙地打包在一個小巧的跑步機中。專利的動態雪橇手柄能夠激活用家的核心,並通過用家的動作模擬戶外雪橇訓練。


ST-6000: Xebex SledTrac Treadmill: The most versatile treadmill with 6 different training modes. It combines a motorized treadmill capable of backward walking and decline, along with 1500 Watts of resistance for sled training. All of this thoughtfully packed into a compact, space-saving treadmill. The patented Dynamic Sled Handle activates your core and closely mimics outdoor sled training by moving dynamically with the user.

Fine-tune your sessions with the ability to adjust the resistance up to 1500 watts in both Fixed and Dynamic sled modes, and you have the added benefit of four supplementary training modes. This incredibly versatile treadmill and sled combination delivers a performance-driven, full-body training machine, enabling you to train at your best.

6 Training Modes
- Dynamic Sled:
Experience the Dynamic Sled mode designed to activate your core while you tackle dynamic sled pushes, sled pulls, lateral, and backward sled movements as the belt moves in either direction. Our patented dynamic sled handlebar integrates into a moving guide rail so the handlebar engages the user with movement and resistance for a truly immersive experience. Adjust resistance up to 1500 Watts with unlimited speed settings like a non-motorized treadmill and conquer up to 10% incline to craft your ideal intense workout. 5 different sled programs allows you to train for your desired result: Manual, Custom, Goal Distance, Goal Time, and Strength Testing. View the console to track your speed, watts/power, distance, and more under this mode.

- Fixed Sled:
Offers precise control and stability of a fixed sled handlebar, allowing you to target full body routines while honing your power and agility. Engage in sled push, sled pull, later, and backward sled movements as the belt is able to move in any direction and reach a resistance maximum of 1500 Watts. Experience unlimited speed like that of a non-motorized treadmill, and adjust the incline level difficulty up to 10%, perfect for customizing your workout. 5 different sled programs allows you to train for your desired result: Manual, Custom, Goal Distance, Goal Time, and Strength Testing. View the console to track your speed, watts/power, distance, and more under this mode.

- Treadmill:
Treadmill mode provides the user the ability to set the speed and incline to enhance endurance and running speed of the user. Take on more than 10x pre-programmed workouts designed to enhance your speed, endurance, and fitness. Goal Training and Quick Start also allows you to customize your own workout while pushing your limits every step of the way. Reach speeds from 0.5 to 20 KMH (0.3 to 12.5 MPH) while challenging a demanding 15-level, up to 10% incline to tailor an intense workout. Our easy-to-use console keeps you in control of your fitness journey, tracking your essential metrics such as speed, distance, incline, time, calories, heart rate, and program.

- Backward Walk:
Activating the treadmill's Backward Walk mode allows the belt to move in reverse, with a safety-limit speed ranging from 0.1 to 2.5 KPH (0.1 to 1.6 MPH). You can also choose from 15 different incline levels (10%), making it versatile for a wide range of body movements or suitable for a physical therapy regimen.

- Decline Mode:
Embrace the challenge of decline training, pushing your boundaries step by step. Simply activate the Backwards Walk mode, set an incline, and face the other direction to use the treadmill in decline. A Safety-Limit speed ranging from 0.1 to 2.5 KMH (0.1 to 1.6 MPH) and a demanding 15-level (10%) decline helps improve lower body workout or engage in physical therapy regimen.

- Limit Speed:
The Limit Speed mode is especially valuable for elderly or rehabbing users looking to maintain a secure exercise routine with a steady pace for their recovery. With the speed limit set to a steady and comfortable speed of 0.1 to 2.5 KPH (0.1 - 1.6 MPH), combined with adjustable incline levels up to 15, we ensure a safer workout environment.

Net Weight: 155.8 kgs (343.5 lbs)
Assembled Dimensions: 1977 x 868 x 1547 mm (77.8” x 34.2” x 60.9”)
Running Area: 560x1560 mm (22" x 61.4”)
Controller: AC Servo Motor Driving System
Motor HP: AC Servo Motor 3.0 HP
Resistance: up to 1500 Watts
Speed (Sled): Unlimited
Speed (Treadmill): 0.1 - 20KPH / 0.1 - 12.5 MPH
Incline: 15 Levels 10%
Decline (backward mode and facing other direction): 15 Levels 10%
Display: ADTECH L2 LED-White LED+Dot Matrix
Max User Weight: 160 kgs (352 lbs)
Running Belt: Pre-Wax 2.5 mm
Running Deck: Anti-Friction 25mm
Power: 110 or 220V options available

- Dynamic Sled Handle
- Fixed Sled Handle Knob
- USB charging port
- Quick Adjust Sled and Treadmill Speed keys
- Quick Adjust Incline keys
- Hand Pulse
- Emergency Stop and Safety Key
- 6x Training Modes with 5x Sled Programs and more than 10x Treadmill Program



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1. 上斜坡度: 15級

2. 落斜坡度: 15級