E7031A Back Extension

E7031A - The Prestige Pro Series Back Extension have a walk-in design with adjustable back rollers, allowing the exerciser to freely choose the range of motion. At the same time, the Prestige Pro Series optimizes the pivot point of the motion arm to connect it with the main body of the equipment, improving stability and durability.

Structure Strengthen
● Structurally enhances the stability of the motion arm, allowing the exerciser to better use the lever principle for training without any safety concerns.

Elevated Footrest
● To ensure proper knee/hip alignment and back stabilization, the footrest is positioned to elevate the user's knees to the correct angle.

Resistance Design
● The movement arm is designed to ensure that a smooth resistance is felt through the entire range of motion, eliminating common dead spots found in similar machines.

As the flagship series of DHZ Fitness strength training equipment, The Prestige Pro Series, advanced biomechanics, and excellent transfer design make the user's training experience unprecedented. In terms of design, the rational use of aluminum alloys perfectly enhances the visual impact and durability, and DHZ's excellent production skills are vividly demonstrated.


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